Growing up in the Peak District is where I discovered my passion. The climbing bug hit me hard and Scottish winter climbing felt like a religion. For this reason British traditional climbing still holds a very special place in my heart.

In some warmer months my home is in Bethesda, on the edge of Snowdonia in North Wales. The area around my home has easy access to a wide range of world class traditional climbing, from the sea cliffs of Gogarth (still my favourite place to climb in the world), to the mountain crags of Snowdonia. This is a brilliant place to hone and develop your skills for climbing. The network of rocky outcrops and ridges littering the hills here also provide a great opportunity to learn and develop skills we can take with us to the Alps, allowing us to achieve a lot more with the precious time we have there.

Scottish and if we’re lucky, Welsh, winter climbing is unique and provides a very high level of adventure on relatively small hills. The wholly traditional nature of the climbing here combined with “interesting” weather, provides us with one of the ultimate training grounds for winter climbing and alpine mountaineering anywhere in the world. Our highest hill, Ben Nevis, is luckily for us also home to one of the biggest and most complex North faces we have, covered in long ridges, hidden faces and gullies everywhere. The names of “Tower Ridge” and “Point Five Gully”, are rights of passage for any aspiring British alpinist. A couple of hours North from here, the North West of Scotland and the Cuillin on Skye provide peace, tranquility and often even higher levels of adventure.

So if you’re interested in learning and developing your skills here or achieving your goals please do get in touch. If you check the “current” option on the menu I’ll often post when I’m available in the UK.

A typical wild Scottish sky while climbing on the Buachille Scotland.jpg

mountain scrambling

For me scrambling allows real freedom in our hills, giving you the skills and techniques to take the best routes to the most adventurous summits. Learn how to use a rope simply and effectively, taking these skills with you wherever you go.

Jon getting to grips with the intricacies of Welsh mountain rock.jpg

rock climbing

Whether you want to learn the ropes of British traditional climbing, develop your leading skills or tick off some classics I’d love to come climbing with you.

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Winter Climbing

Where better to give technical winter climbing a try or train for those Alpine North faces? These winter wonderlands are always special places to be.