Adventure is what I’ve strived most for from my climbing and expeditions provide this by the bucket load. From the long snaking South American Andes to the gigantic glaciers of Alaska and the virgin summits of the Himalayas climbing can be used as a means to explore far away lands and experience very different cultures and people. The memories you make here will last a lifetime and to me this is the most valuable thing we have.

I’m always planning the next expedition and when there’s an opportunity to invite you with me I’ll post it in the “current” section.

Never stop exploring!

Raja Peak Camping opposite N face Indian Himalaya.jpg

Explore Distant Corners of the World

Amazingly there are still pockets of our world untouched by humans. Places where virgin peaks sit and huge walls lie hidden. These are the places I most want to explore.

Louis leads the pack with our 1st glimpse of the South Avellano tower Patagonia.jpg

Experience New Cultures

These trips are never all about the climbing. A large part of the adventure lies in getting there and the people you meet along the way.

Climbing Kahiltna Queen Alaska with Hunter and Foraker behind.jpg

Make First Ascents

Have you ever imagined being the first person to stand on a summit or quest your way up untouched rock? What might you name it afterwards?