The Mont Blanc range is covered in sharp spires and faces of perfect golden granite. Climbing this amazing rock above the glaciers and far above the valley is a special experience. Features such as the 400m high steep face of the Grand Capucin should be etched firmly in to the dreams of any rock climber!

The Alps are actually a surprisingly great area to learn and develop the building blocks for your climbing. A more liberal attitude to bolting and a huge volume of rock means that you can learn how to become a more proficient climber, in a safe and exhilarating environment.

Whether you want to develop your granite climbing skills, climb that big objective or learn how to be a better climber, I’d love to help.

The Alpine rock season normally runs from May - September. If you’d like to rock climb outside these months, then check out the Sunny Rock or UK Climbing pages for more ideas or drop me a message. We can always find dry rock somewhere!

Alpine rock courses will usually run on a 1:2 ratio.

Olly climbing the immaculate South ridge of the Salbitschen Swiss Alps.jpg

Develop your Granite Skills

Granite is the most wide spread high quality rock type in the world. From Chamonix, to El Cap to the Trango Towers of Pakistan. This is what you must be able to climb to go big in the world of rock climbing. The techniques this requires are very specific and I can teach them to you.

Will moves across an exposed slab on the Bonnati route Grand Capucin Mont Blanc.jpg

Tick that big objective

From the Piz Badile, to the Gervasutti Pillar, to the Grand Capucin. Big is what I specialise in and together we can go further than you ever dreamed possible.

alpine rock climbing in the French alps.jpg

Learn how to stay safe on alpine rock

Rock climbing in the Alps comes with a host of hazards not present in UK rock climbing, from glacial approaches, to busy Alpine faces, I can help you to keep yourselves safe in this incredible environment. I also love to teach the basics of rock climbing and the Alps is a great place for this.