Ski touring is a revelation, available to any intermediate or advanced skier. It opens up a world unrestricted by the infrastructure of the resorts, providing total freedom to ski where you want to ski. Ever spent time staring from the a lift at a huge expanse of pure white, while the only line you’re reaching is scraped and covered in moguls? Accessing that slope is only the start, it’s what you can’t see that’s really exciting!

Most of the time a short, gliding walk from from a resort will allow you to get away from the crowds and access a huge amount more snow. If you’d rather aim for a summit or a hidden valley, then we can do that too. Freedom is the name of this game. So whether you’re a seasoned tourer or keen to learn the basics of this incredible sport send me a message.

Finding deep cold powder days after the last snowfall Aiguille Rouges Chamonix.jpg

ski the best snow

Touring allows us to find the best snow there is, often enjoying powder, weeks after the last snowfall.

Touring is one of the best ways to enjoy incredible views like this Italian Alps.jpg

learn new skills

Discover the skills and techniques that take you further and keep you safe in the mountains.

Another breath taking morning in the Italian Alps.jpg


Get away from it all and enjoy the beauty of the mountains.