The Chamonix area is home to some of the best all mountain skiing in the world. There are 3 local lifts, which take us to over 3000m, entering a magical world of glaciers and dramatic mountain scenery. Best of all this is where the most snow falls and the biggest descents can be had.

The Aiguille de Midi is the highest of these lifts, taking us above the clouds to 3842m. From here we don crampons and carefully make our way down a knife edge ridge providing access to the most famous off piste ski run in the world, “The Valle Blanche”, with almost 3000m of spectacular decent to reach town.

If this doesn’t sound like your bag, then there’s literally hundreds of other resorts in the local area providing easy access to skiing for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned off piste skier or keen to make the transition from the resorts, we will always search for the best snow given the conditions and have a great time doing it. I have plenty of secret spots up my sleeve and the Val D’Aosta on the Italian side of Mont Blanc is a firm favourite for a fun atmosphere and great coffee to help sooth our burning thighs!

If you’d like to ski somewhere further afield in the Alps or beyond, please let me know where and I’ll tell you my knowledge of the area. I work all over the world and love to travel.

Please note we must adhere to strict ratios, while skiing together in the Alps. The maximum group size for one guide is 1:6. Certain skiing however will demand this ratio to be lower.

Breathtaking views on the ultra classic Vallee Blanche Mont Blanc .jpg

Off the beaten track

Off Piste Skiing allows you to access parts of the mountains that you just wouldn’t be able to see otherwise, far from the crowds and off the beaten track. This means access to better snow, better scenery and better skiing.

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Improve your skiing

Ski virgin powder through the trees and leave your cares behind whilst you explore the mountain sides and forests.

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Improve mountain awareness

Learn how to keep yourself safe in the mountains. From avalanche avoidance and reading the snowpack, through to the safety equipment you require and how to use properly.