Remember you will have to carry all of this, while skiing, so light is often best. Practice skiing with it if you find chance.


Avalanche safet Kit: Transceiver, Shovel, Probe

Essential! Modern digital transceiver with spare batteries; metal shovel; probe >200cm long.


One thing you’re best not to cut corners on. Best to get them fitted by a shop with a thermo-moldable liner and good insole. A good walk mode and rubber sole are important, but soft boots won’t help your skiing.


If longer tours are intended then best to go for a ski which isn’t too wide. About 90 under foot is a good all round width and slightly shorter than you might have downhill ski.

Bindings *

Fritschi style are easy to use, dynafit are lighter and can ski better.


These have to be specifically cut to the size of your ski.

Ski crampons

These should also be specific to the size of your ski and the binding you’re using.


I like single piece poles, because they’re stronger, lighter and cheaper.

Crampons / Axe

Necessary for some tours. Crampons must fit your ski boots!


This should fit over your ski boots and lighter is better.


Can be useful for some touring, but heavy for longer tours.


Must have a way to carry your skis. 30-45l.


Clothing This is all about a flexible layering system: Think light coloured, long sleeved base layers; fleece style mid layer and / or soft shell jacket; Soft-shell trousers work best, with long johns. Spare t-shirt / socks for huts.

Waterproofs Jacket and trousers / salopettes.

Ventilation zips on trousers is a good idea and mean you can remove them over your boots.

Duvet Jacket

Should fit over other clothing, synthetic or down.

Warm hat + Sun hat

Buff / Balaclava

Gloves 2 Pairs

Warm and thin for skinning.


Sunglasses Minimum Cat 4.

Bring spare if you have them.



Petzl Tikka or similar is fine.

Water bottles / Flask Not Camelback.

A small bottle can be carried in a jacket pocket / on harness.

Suncream + lip Balm

Factor 50

Personal First Aid + Blister Kit.

Sleeping bag liner + ear plugs

Camera Ideally light and convenient

NB. Most technical equipment can be rented, often at a reduced cost from me. Just let me know what you’re missing.